happy birthday to you.

I cannot believe this little boy is ONE. Look at how impossibly little he was when I did his newborn session almost one whole year ago.


His entrance into the world was super stressful to say the least. His mommy is still recovering. So seeing how much she’s healed and he’s grown a year later is incredibly emotional for a lot of people, including me.

We took these photos at Genesee Valley Farm in Batavia. I love it there. White fences and horses just go together. Not every little boy is lucky enough to have a mommy and her baby horse photo bomb his one year photos.

I love him and his little Nike sneakers.

He was a little taken back by being presented with a cake to stick his fingers in. I love his facial expressions, like wait guys, what is this? is this for me? is this a trap? no? okay cool. And thennnn it was clearly naptime. But for being only (not quite) one, I think he totally crushed his photo shoot.

Happy birthday to you, Weston. You are such a sweet boy and Auntie Jeni loves you!

what a girl wants.

I am so pleased to feature fellow Boss Lady, Julie Lynn of Julie Lynn Makeup Artistry & Skincare in today’s post! She is girl-next-door sweet with the bonus of being able to flawlessly glue on fake eyelashes in seconds (I’ve seen it). Julie may not literally be next door, but she recently opened her own studio in LeRoy, which is close enough. Her space is in the other half of Stella’s Bridal, and, I kid you not, there’s a chandelier in every room. When I walked in for the first time I was very serious when I asked if I could live there.

Julie’s talents do not end with the perfect eyelash application. She is a makeup artist AS WELL AS a licensed Esthetician (YES, she can fix that one crazy eyebrow), AS WELL AS a licensed Cosmetologist, AND certified in organic airbrush tanning. Let’s just add interior designer to her resume for fun, my pictures don’t even do her justice.

Let’s talk about ORGANIC spray tanning for a minute or seven, because it is chemical free, safe for pregnancy, and there’s a chandelier in that room, too. You’ll have to see for yourself because there’s obviously no natural light in her spray tanning space so I’m not sharing any pictures, but it’s modern and gorgeous just like Julie.

When she’s not airbrushing your face, making your skin look flawless, Julie relies on Mary Kay makeup and skincare to do the rest. Julie, and her services are a MUST HAVE for every bride-to-be. A year and a half ago I was a Julie Lynn bride, so I would know.

Just in case you’re still not sold…

If you’re a Boss Lady who’s interested in being featured on my blog, please contact me!

boss lady.

Meet my best friend. Her name is Kristen Dispenza, and she is the Queen Bee of Mary Kay in our little community. Last month she became the first ever Pink Cadillac driver in Batavia, which of course she got for free because her and her Diamond Divas totally crushed it.

Today is a huge day for Kristen, because one year ago she opened The Glam Spot (located in the Harvester Center) with her partner, Carrie. These two boss ladies opened this facility so that they could share their love of Mary Kay products as well as the business with ANY woman who wanted to learn more. Both Kristen and Carrie also gave up their other sources of income so that they could pursue Mary Kay fulltime. Now they are both living the dream, and THAT is something to celebrate. Congratulations!