the final days of summer.

My favorite shots from my session with one of my favorite families. They love having their picture taken (okay, dad just goes along with it), and I LOVE that about them. I thought I would never see them again when they moved out of state, and was SO pleased they asked me to take their photos while they were up for a visit. Let’s make this a yearly thing, shall we? 😉

how to dress for family photos.

Sometimes all the stars align and everything goes perfectly during a photo session. Mom kills it with the outfit combos, the kids smile on command, and the sun is exactly where I want it to be. It doesn’t always happen, but it happened on Sunday with this beautiful family.

I get TONS of questions from clients asking advice on what they should wear for their sessions. If you want your photos to be Pinterest worthy, I’m going to need some help. First, really think about what season you want to represent, and base your color scheme on that. Plaids for fall, bright colors for spring, reds and golds for Christmas. Neutrals work for every season. BUT, and this is a big BUT, only ONE person in your group can wear something loud, like a plaid shirt. The rest of you need to wear solids, with pops of the loud in the form of a scarf, bow, collared undershirt, etc. This also works with a bold color. Christmas photos for example, everyone in the family should not be wearing red sweaters. Choose one person to rock the red, then have others wear a vest, scarf, or bow with red. Even pants, I love colored pants.

Try not to be too matchy, matchy. This family had father and son wear the same (loud) shirt, BUT dad put a sweater over it. Pops of loud, but not too much. Brilliant. I REALLY love how mom thought things through and made sure no one clashed if paired together, even extended family. Grandma and uncle blended perfectly.

Brother and sister look especially good together, which is super important because kid-only photos are almost as important as full family ones. Mom even had a gray blanket to use. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

If you want to dress your kids in matching outfits because that’s what you like, PLEASE DO. I’ve had families do this in the past and their kids looked adorable. If you have your heart set on loud shirts or red sweaters, go for it! These are just guidelines for those of you who want my advice. Don’t want it? Don’t take it! Do what works for you and your family. Hope this helps everyone prepare for Christmas minis which begin this Saturday!

grasso strong-er than ever.

Many of you from the Batavia area know the Grasso family and their story. This past winter both Nick AND baby Gia had to undergo extremely scary and invasive surgeries that led to weeks in the hospital recuperating. I am so pleased to be able to say that: both Nick and Gia are stronger than ever, prayer works, this beautiful family is moving on. So now we can talk about something else, like how pretty Beth is.

a day in the life of a newborn session.

I get lots of emails and messages about newborn sessions. I will be the first to tell you that I am NOT a master newborn poser. I am not a tiny baby whisperer. I specialize in toddlers and uncooperative boyfriends/husbands (because let’s be honest, they have almost the same temperament). I try to make it very clear what I’m about as to not disappoint clients looking for magic to happen. If you want magic, you’re going to have to go to a studio and pay studio prices. I have considered choosing a seminar to attend that focuses on newborn poses, and when I do, you’ll be the first to know.

Also, it is important for people to understand that I only work with natural light. So if you have a baby in the colder weather and do not have a decent amount of natural light coming into your living room, master bedroom or nursery, I cannot help you. Summer babies, call me anytime. That being said, here is a look into what goes down during a typical cold weather newborn session. Family pictures are always included because I do not spend a lot of time posing your new baby. You’ll get a few portraits/birth announcement options, and that’s pretty much all that’s promised, the rest is heavy on the lifestyle. The art of the everyday. The good stuff.

it’s fall y’all!

I traveled down to PA to visit one of my besties a few weekends ago right outside of Philly. Luckily, I didn’t get caught up in Pope traffic, and even more luckily I was able to set up my first fall session of the season with this gorgeous family. My favorite part was when little Lo told me I was her best friend. My second favorite part was mommy’s top. Business in the front. Party in the back. These are my kind of people.

I was super excited with the turn out because it’s not easy to get a two-year-old to look at the camera AND smile. They don’t take bribes because they literally can live without anything except their mom. And we couldn’t threaten to take her away. Obviously.