I know that Valentine’s Day is an acquired taste. Some think it’s a Hallmark holiday and try not to pay it much attention. Me? I embrace a day that reminds me to go out of my way to let my hubby, friends, and family members know how much I love them. Because life is busy, and sometimes I forget. My hubby and I began dating long distance, so I usually spent my Valentine’s Day evenings going on dates with my single girlfriends. I would always bring a box of chocolates and a valentine for our waiter or waitress, and valentines for the bartenders (some of my favorite memories, Cathy & Anna!). But once my hubby and I got engaged and moved in together, I started expecting some romance. Well. That first year, nothing happened. NOTHING. Not a card, not a Reese’s heart, nada. So I decided to take Valentine’s Day into my own hands, and now I surprise HIM. He’s fun to surprise because he’s adorable and loves to have his picture taken.

We began the day with heart-shaped egg muffins. You can find the recipe on Pinterest. I got the pan from Target. Such a fun idea and a healthy breakfast so you can eat a pound of chocolate after.

My hubs did work in his office while he waited for me to set everything up so he could be surprised. We have some major role reversals in our relationship but it works for us. The eggs came out great!

Since he totally bombed 2014’s Valentine’s Day and can no longer be trusted, I ordered my gift from Nordstrom and used his credit card. It’s a glass water bottle so I can use my essential oils in it. I was pretty pleased with myself until I saw in his (homemade) card that he signed us up for weekly fresh flowers from our Co-Op (we get our veggies from there during the summer/fall). UM, what a cute idea! He definitely gets some major points for that one. I totally get that gifts aren’t what’s important, ever, but I appreciate a little something when the time calls for it. And he did good.

(I got him jeans that are not pictured because he just had to have them two weeks ago).

And now we are going to spend the rest of the afternoon getting chocolate drunk. I hope you all have a wonderful day filled with love and whatever makes you happy. XO!