mollie // senior

Senior photos sure have changed since I was 18. I WISH I was being fierce in a field somewhere instead of sitting in a mildly awkward man’s studio posing by fake water and fake grass. The times have changed, and the photos definitely are prettier, but I wouldn’t trade it. At least there was no Facebook back then 😉

indian summer.

I can’t believe I never blogged my favorite session from last season. Summer just kept going on and on and it was so gorgeous in October last year, not to mention this beautiful family was so amazing. So easy going. We had a blast during their session and I think that’s pretty obvious in these photos.

senior season.

Senior season is the best season in this photographer’s opinion. I LOVE doing senior sessions so much. As a former high school English teacher, I just love the age. The excitement of the final year of school. Working with an almost grown up who actually wants to have their photo taken helps sweeten the deal. Alaina opted for my “back roads” session which is a loop that I do with the seniors who request it. It’s my favorite because no matter how many seniors I take on the loop, we always manage to make the photos still look unique and special.



the final days of summer.

My favorite shots from my session with one of my favorite families. They love having their picture taken (okay, dad just goes along with it), and I LOVE that about them. I thought I would never see them again when they moved out of state, and was SO pleased they asked me to take their photos while they were up for a visit. Let’s make this a yearly thing, shall we? 😉