and then there were three.

I am constantly reminded how lucky I am to work with such amazing people. I made a bit of an oops with my most recent clients. When searching for a location, I was all, “let’s got to Lamberton Conservatory in Highland Park!” Thinking, it’s the middle of winter, it will be warm, there will be flowers, we can then utilize the park after. Perfect idea, right? I walked into the conservatory and very first sign I saw was NO PROFESSIONAL PHOTO SESSIONS DURING OPEN HOURS. Uh, oops. I just assumed that if I paid my $3 and was aware there would be some people floating around, I could do what I wanted. Wrong. I mean, I still took a few pictures anyways. But it felt super awkward because I was nervous about being reprimanded by the 18-year-old-looking girl who was running the place.

We were all pretty relieved to head back outside, or was that just me? It was super hot in the conservatory and I was ready to start doing my thing. We walked across the street and THIS happened.

This beautiful mommy-to-be wanted to include some nursery décor and baby girl items as props. I am always open to photographing you with any props you’d like to bring along to help make your session as personal as possible.

Snow covered sessions are highly underrated. We live in a tundra, so let’s embrace it shall we? Well, maybe after Mother Nature stops being hilarious with her 50 degree days in the middle of winter.