photography workshop // destin

As a purely self (YouTube) taught photographer, I am absolutely ecstatic to share that I attended my first photography workshop last week with none other than Bobbi & Doug from Twig & Olive! I knew it was time to really invest in myself, and I wanted to get the most bang for my buck. Just having the two of them on my side of the country was reason enough to take the leap and fly down to Destin. Worth every penny let me tell you. I returned with a ton of confidence, loads of business expertise, and honestly even some basic knowledge that made me feel super clueless when I learned it for the first time. But hey, now I know. I am so ready to better by business in 2019, use my time more wisely, and bring to you an experience you will remember forever. Here is a look at one of the model families at the workshop. Due to rain, us workshop goers didn’t get a ton of time behind the camera, but I was able to take 5 minutes with this gorgeous family right after sunset (which is called Blue Light, did you know that? Yeah, me either).

Christmas Minis are coming up next weekend, and I can’t wait to take what I’ve learned and make them the best yet! Here’s to year 4. Thank you for being here!

the final days of summer.

My favorite shots from my session with one of my favorite families. They love having their picture taken (okay, dad just goes along with it), and I LOVE that about them. I thought I would never see them again when they moved out of state, and was SO pleased they asked me to take their photos while they were up for a visit. Let’s make this a yearly thing, shall we? 😉

the gift that keeps on giving.

I know how hard it is to buy gifts for mom and grandma. The ladies in your life who seem to have everything they could want or need (or they’d get it themselves because hi, we are independent women). I struggle to get more creative than an Amazon gift card every year, for every occasion. So when a past client called me about taking photos of her kids and her sister-in-laws kids for her MIL’s birthday present I was like you are a genius.

The best part about scheduling a session for your kids or your family and turning those photos into a gift for mom, grandma, dad, grandpa….whoever is that YOU get to keep the photos as well. #winning

happy birthday to you.

I cannot believe this little boy is ONE. Look at how impossibly little he was when I did his newborn session almost one whole year ago.


His entrance into the world was super stressful to say the least. His mommy is still recovering. So seeing how much she’s healed and he’s grown a year later is incredibly emotional for a lot of people, including me.

We took these photos at Genesee Valley Farm in Batavia. I love it there. White fences and horses just go together. Not every little boy is lucky enough to have a mommy and her baby horse photo bomb his one year photos.

I love him and his little Nike sneakers.

He was a little taken back by being presented with a cake to stick his fingers in. I love his facial expressions, like wait guys, what is this? is this for me? is this a trap? no? okay cool. And thennnn it was clearly naptime. But for being only (not quite) one, I think he totally crushed his photo shoot.

Happy birthday to you, Weston. You are such a sweet boy and Auntie Jeni loves you!

gangs all here.

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m officially back to blogging after a busy Christmas season. And I am super excited to give you an idea of what an extended family session looks like! I truly feel it is something you MUST add to your to-do list if you can get your whole family together.

I shot this group the day after Christmas. Not the most ideal weather, wet and gloomy. But the ladies spiced things up by adding scarves to their outfits, and Nana Rose is seriously a ray of sunshine all by herself.


For extended family sessions, especially ones this large, I only shoot a few full group shots (they received 3) because it’s not easy to pose 18 people, especially when it’s wet out. For smaller groups, you may get a little more variety. After the whole group photos are out of the way, I move on to the different variations that the whole family still needs to be present for.

THEN. Each small family gets their own mini session. And you’re done! I know the idea of extended family sessions sounds stressful. But ask this family. It was painless. I am super organized and everything flows nicely if you let me do my thing.

EVERY family gets their own CD with ALL of the photos. These are most, but not all of the photos this family received. I tend to only blog my favorites. When you’re ready to book your extended family session, contact me!